Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a classic favourite, a colourful sweet loved by all ages in a variety of fruity flavours. Colourful classics such as this look great when they are packed into our containers…

Choose which container to have these in, and choose a message sticker for it… Need a top up of sweets, then a refill bag is the one for you…

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Sugar, glucose syrup, cornflour, water, citric acid, colours: anthocyanins, vegetable carbon, lutein, mixed carotenes; glazing agents: shellac, caranuba wax, beeswax; flavourings, vegetable oils: palm, coconut; stabiliser: gum arabic; plant concentrates: safflower, spirulina.


A Glass Jar (250ml), A Glass Jar (500ml), A Pillow Box (approx 100g sweets), A Ring Pull Tin (approx 250g sweets), A Square Box (approx 200g sweets), A Tall Box (approx 300g sweets), Christmas Pillow Box, Christmas Ring Pull Tin, Christmas Square Box, Christmas Tall Box, Refill/Bag 200g


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