Hannam’s is inspired by the ‘Jelly Baby General’ and his recipe books…

The ‘Jelly Baby General’ – or Grandpa (Walter) as he was more commonly known! – was an engineer in the Royal Air Force during the second world war, he later went on to work at Kent & Payne Sweet Factory (Kent & Payne supplied shops such as Woolworth’s with their confectionery) in Islington during the 50’s and 60’s. Wally become know as the ‘Jelly Baby General’ by his fellow workmates and the name stuck!  The ‘Jelly Baby General’ was Mr Payne’s right hand man and manager at the factory until he and the family moved out of London in the ’60’s.

That’s himself  ‘The Jelly Baby General’ by the jelly baby machine…


…a little background about the general’s generals!


Lee Hannam
Design General

Lee is a design guru she thinks about shapes, colours, images and how to pull it all together and she designs all our stuff that needs designing! Her background is in animation production on films, tv series, commercials and video’s and worked at some of the top animation companies in London including Passion Pictures. Projects have included; Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, The Snowman, When the Wind Blows, Gorillaz and many, many commercials. Lee complemented these skills with a new media training and later studied sculpture and painting. After which she set up her own design practice, producing websites and print based artwork for individuals and organisations, this is an ongoing business.

Lee was a murals on walls kinda girl this has now been taken over by oil painting and she has a penchant for a large canvas!

Sweet Favourite: Hannam’s handmade Milk chocolate Fruit’n Nut and from the Jelly Baby General’s sweet jars Humbugs – you gotta love a mint!


Jon Hannam
Confectionery General

Jon is our head Chef, he has worked at many of the top hospitality companies at sporting and cultural events; corporate, charitable and private functions at unique venues across London, the UK and Europe. He worked alongside renowned chef’s and has delivered exceptional food to royalty, global leaders, major corporate clients, athletes and celebrities. Today he acts as consultant to new and established catering businesses.

Alongside his culinary flair Jon also looks after the finance side of things, after all he was always good at Monopoly!

Sweet Favourite: Hannam’s handmade Salted Caramel Fudge and from the Jelly Baby General’s sweet jars a Jelly Baby or two!


Hannam’s – Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

…with great tasting traditional sweets and our handmade range of luxury fudge and chocolates.